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Halo by Alexandra Adornetta Review

Halo is the first in the Halo trilogy by Alexandra Adornetta followed by Hades and Heaven, the series follows three angels, now lets just *pause* and sigh for originality…okay done.

Halo cover

Halo cover

The angels, Beth, Gabriel and Ivy were sent to modern day earth to make it a better place (or whatever) really, they mooch about shopping, brooding and snogging the humans so really what ‘the angels’ are doing on earth in the first place is a bit of a moot point from the word go.

Now before I just go ahead and slate Halo I should say the author was eighteen years old when she wrote book one and this isn’t even her first novel so, I feel there is a moment needed just for, well the f*c* done. My eighteen year old brain was far to preoccupied with what eighteen boys where doing to think about writing my course work let alone novels but…

Hades cover

Hades cover

Halo is drivel, but it’s my favourite kind of drivel, the kind of drivel where we, the reader knows from page 1 that Beth and random,  insert boy character here – (who in this case happens to be the wet blanket that is Xavier)  who woos, and broods and pouts and pines until declaring his undying if somewhat predictable love for Beth.

Look I blame myself, look at the cover, it basically says if you open this book it’s going to be gooey and sickly sweet.

Sick Vomit animated GIF

If you open this book you are going to laugh and not in the good way, the cover was my warning light but, being the massive cover slut that I am I opened up that bad boy and fell into the gooey sticky mess.

In general I am a big supporter of YA novels but for me Halo took the genre one step to far, not just because of it’s predictability but because in the moments that where suppose to be tender and romantic it was just funny, really, very funny.

Heaven cover

Heaven cover

The good points

This is well written and easy read and I flew through it  in two days and, despite my review I have purchased (the kindle edition) of Hades (don’t judge me)  because, in a sort of tortuous way I have to know what happens to Beth and Xavier, and, dare I say it, will they ever be together? (Sheds fake tear for affect)

The best way I can describe this book is, it’s like a contortionist, you can’t help but look.

Tyringham Park by Rosemary McLoughlin Review

So, I have become a little addicted to the book haul videos on BookTube recently and watching Booktubers haul their books made be in the mood to do a little book haul of my own. I have a kindle but, really it just makes me pine for the feeling of a novel between my finger so, I had a booky date with Amazon (don’t judge me) where I purchased Tyringham Park by Rosemary McLoughlin.


Now, as an avid Downton Abbey fan I think I was bamboozled into buying this book mainly by the big house on the cover and the Amazon quotes that stated if you love Downton Abbey you will love this, I can’t stress enough how this is nothing like Downton Abbey.


Annoyed Downton Abbey animated GIF

There is no glamour in this book what so ever and no really protagonist, the main character how ever is Charlotte Blackshaw who’s father is the Lord at Tyringham park. Her mother shows very little interest in her or her little sister Victoria and, one afternoon her Ladyship for some unknown reason decides she will have an hour with little Victoria which is completely out of usual character. During this hour the child disappears, it is believed by most that Victoria fell into the river and drowned when her Ladyship was not looking but, Lady Edwina believes she has been abducted.

Charlotte’s tale really is a sad one, abused by her nanny and hated by her mother as she grows up through the novel the consequences of such a horrific emotional neglect play out and affect Charlotte as an adult and she struggles to believe that she is worth more than nothing. As the reader we are supposed to feel for Charlotte in her darkest hours but it is hard to feel for a character that is so self destructive.

Eventually I lost interest in the out come of her character, It is also hard to read a book when there is no one to root for, we follow Charlotte’s story but I’m not sure if I wanted her to win in the end, as a reader she tested my patience. For me Lady Blackshaw is the most interesting Character because she is such an appalling mother and, human being.

All in all, Tyingham Park is written okay but there is know real flare, I would recommend it to people who don’t mind not falling in love with the characters they are reading about or at the very least liking them, most of the characters in this novel are highly despicable and I’m sure that was the point but, for me it was all a bit like hard work.