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January Reading and TBR

It’s January which means it’s a new year and we are all getting that new start feeling, by now of course some resolutions are starting to fall by the wayside and some of us are slipping back in to our old ways.

But not me, this year I have lots of plans and that includes reading, my reading slowed a little bit last year and as I was having a good (and overdue) sort out of my bookshelves I noticed how many books I’d started but not actually finished. While assessing my 2017 reading year I realised there had been so many times when books just hadn’t grabbed me. One of my favourite things about reading is being taken in to that world, captivated and not being let go to the very last page like some sort of literary prisoner.

Some how, maybe it was me or perhaps I made some bad reading choices but that didn’t happening for me very often in 2017 so I am trying to start this year off on a high.

January TBR

I’m currently reading the Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night by Jen Cambell, Jen is a YouTuber and Vlogger who I have watched for awhile. She has lots say on the subject of fairy tales a subject which I actually wrote my dissertation on so I am always keen to hear her perspective and was equally keen to read her short story collection which from what I have read so for is dealing with the darker side of fairy tales and going back to their more gruesome roots.

I am also planning on reading Ali Smith’s Autumn, The White Queen by Philippa Gregory, Howards End by E.M Forster and Little Women, all of which have adaptions apart from Autumn so I am keen to get my teeth into those as well.

In 2018 I also I have plans to pick up on previous reading challenges that I have started and never completed three in particular created for this blog. One was The Shakespeare Challenge, two The Austen Challenge and thirdly and mostly importantly I started re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia for The Problem with Susan, always a Queen of Narnia? to find out more click the link above.

I think it is important to finish the things I’ve started and plan on getting back on track with with this blog. So just wanted to say hi again, happy new year and let the games begin.

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The Hungry Ghost Festival by Jen Campbell :Review

The Hungry Ghost Festival is a poetry collection by The Bookshop Book author Jen Campbell, Jen is also a Book Tuber go check out her channelĀ here.

the hungry ghost festival

The Hungry Ghost Festival talks of Jen’s childhood and young adult life growing up in the North of England, the poetry is personal and reminiscent of a fairy tale. Each poem takes you on a journey, a short story almost with a seemingly clear beginning, middle and end.

I haven’t read a lot of poetry it is something that I’m slowly trying to read more of especially as I enjoying writing it reading more and more seems like a natural progression. Taking into account that my reading of poetry is somewhat limited, I found these poems more like mini stories, by the end of the book which is really short a totally of thirty-two pages but really enjoyed this collection and hope to read more from this author soon.

A Paint and Butterflies rating of 3/5 stars!

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