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International Women’s Day- Favourite Ladies in Literature 2018

Hello everyone and happy International Women’s day! All the way back in 2016 I wrote a post for International Women’s day on my Favourite Fictional Females, in 2017 I decided not to do the same list because I didn’t think it could have grown or changed that much from 2016.

This year I am giving the list another go, with fresh eyes and newly acquired reading habits and although I have gone over my list from 2016 and I still stand by all the ladies on that list I just want to add a few more. I always like to hear what you guys think and any ladies you think should have made my lists and haven’t.

Robin Ellecott – The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith


From going over my 2016 list I realised how heavily my lists are influenced by what I’m reading at the time and Robin is a perfect example of that as I’m currently reading The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (not that that means she doesn’t deserve to make this years list!) cause she does, she’s awesome.

Robin is a strong and Independent woman  who has had some bumpy roads in life, her career has taken and nose dive and although she doesn’t know it she’s in a relationship with the wrong man. Robin is all about fighting for what she wants and she wants a career, she wants to be a PI and although she took some wrong turns and dark corners that have lead her the wrong way she is fighting for the life she wants and deserves. She’s brilliant, a power house and above all a great detective.

Lou Clarke- Me Before You by JoJo Moyes


I am such a long time Me Before You fan and Lou fan, Lou is full of heart right down to her core. She loves her family wants to do the best she can for them, she’s a little lost though which makes her totally relatable. Lou’s self discovery and love and eventual  loss of Will makes her one of my favourite characters.

Me Before You- Book Review

Demelza Poldark- Poldark Series by Winston Graham


Ahh Demelza, anyone hate Ross as much as I do? I mean seriously what was that guy playing at? Demelza is brilliant she is strong and fiery, she was a poor girl who came from nothing, a father who beat her and left her half starved but this eventually lead her to Ross her future husband… I don’t want to spoil the series for anyone who hasn’t read it or watched it but the woman can handle herself and she needs to cause she’s going to go through some seriously tough times- all hail Demelza Poldark.

Catherine Earnshaw – Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte 

Wuthering heights cathy 2009

Oh how we all love to hate Kathy Earnshaw, one of the most self indulgent and selfish characters ever written. But Kathy was strong, wild passionate and a free thinking individual. What ever you think of her life choices and some of her questionable decisions and motives no one can question Kathy’s strength of heart.

Dolly – Cheerful Weather For the Wedding by Julia Strachey 


When we meet Dolly it’s her wedding day and she is decided whether or not to marry her fiance while her former lover waits to talk to her desperate to talk to her but he is trapped downstairs while she locks herself in her bedroom drinking in her wedding dress. Dolly is a great example of the tragedies that can befall us in adult hood especially if we don’t know which choice to make.  Dolly is also a woman who I think we have seen many times before if real life, the lines between reality and fantasy are just a little blurred and she doesn’t realise till it’s to late how damaging that can be.

My full review of Cheerful Weather for the Wedding 

So I hope you enjoyed my choices for International Women’s day, hope you’ve all had a good day and I’ll see you next time!

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International Women’s day – Favourite Fictional Females!

It’s International Women’s Day, so I thought I could talk about some of my favourite, bad ass, inspiring and just plain great fictional ladies.

Hermione Granger – Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling


Who doesn’t love Hermione? She’s smart, bossy and lets be honest Harry might be the chosen one but without Hermione he would be no where, well maybe he’d be dead. Hermione’s awesome and an inspiration to every smarty pants everywhere.

Mary Yellan – Jamaica Inn by Daphine Du Maurier 

Mary Yellan

Mary is one of those brilliant, tragic characters, her mother dies and she had no one not a soul in the world. So she he sent to live with her Aunt and Aunts husband at Jamaica Inn, Cornwall. A hive or smuggling activity, darkness and death, Mary can hold her own in a dank and callous world all the while keeping her morals the very centre of who she is.

Claire Fraser – Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon 

claire fraser

A married woman from 1945 time travels to 1743 Scotland and his forced to marry a highlander. Claire is an intelligent, strong woman, she is cultured, a fighter and in a world where she is a second class citizen she shows her self equal to any man. I love her!

Cecila Tallis – Atonement by Ian McEwan 

you ideot

Cecila suffers a huge betrayal and has a character trait I greatly admire- she has the courage of her convictions, and stands by her decisions and by her loves. She is not the type of person to follow the crowd (or even her family). I can’t say anymore without getting all spoiler-y

Margret Hale – North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell 

Margret Hale

Margret Hale is a great period heroine she is strong, independent and unmarried she might not know it but she is willing to learn and grow as a person. She has a terrific moral code and does not change her beliefs for anyone.

Isabelle Lightwood – Shadow Hunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare 


Izzy is sultry, sexy and has a whip, she’s no push over in fact she’s probably doing the pushing! Izzy fights demons, saves humans and is half angel (a Shadow Hunter to you Mundanes) and at the end of the day she has a heart of gold.

Elizabeth Bennett – Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 

lizzie bennett

This girl won’t just marry anyone, infact she might not marry at all. She’s not intimated by those with more money from a different social class. Lizzie Bennett knows her mind and knows who she is and that’s just some of why we love her.

Dr Alice Tanner – Labyrinth by Kate Mosse

Alice tanner

Alice is a PHD Graduate with a broken heart when the story begins but by the end she is a woman fighting for family, history, love and justice.

Daenerys Targaryen- A Game of Thrones (A Song of Fire and Ice) by George R.R Martin

Dany GOT

Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen

Trueborn Queen of the Andals and the First Men

Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea

Breaker of Chains

The Unburnt

Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdom

Protector of the Realm

Queen of Meereen


The Queen Across the Sea

The Silver Queen

Khaleesi of the Dothraki

Lady of the Seven Kingdoms


First of Her Name

Mother of Dragons.

Is there anymore to say?

So Happy International Women’s Day everyone and Happy reading!

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