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The Likeness by Tana French – Review

the likeness

Author – Tana French

Publisher-  Hodder and Stoughton (2008)

Genre – Crime  

Number in series – 2# (Dublin Murder Squad)

The Likeness is the second book in Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series the first book In The Woods I have previously reviewed in this blog click here to check it out – Click Here

The book follows Detective Cassie Maddox still traumatized from the events in book one and trying to enjoy an easier life away from the Murder Squad; she is dragged back into the life she left behind when a young woman is murdered. The victim is not just another murder victim for Cassie though, the girl is Cassie’s exact doppelganger.

This is about as much as I can tell you with out get  all ‘spoiler-y’ so –

I am really starting to enjoy Tana French’s writing style she is a really suck you in and keep you kind of writer which I love, as far as I can tell the Murder Squad series focus’ on a new detective each book  which I am really starting to enjoy. Characters like our main girl Cassie who were secondary in book one but totally lovable get a whole book of their own in book two which is great. Book three is staring Frank Cassie’s boss who is witty and a right git so I am really excited to pick up book three.

Over all The Likeness was a good read but it wasn’t quite as good as book one and I’m only human so comparisons are inevitable. The Likeness is full of humor and relationships and a really tangled web which was really interesting to watch Cassie untangle.

For me though it was a little but longer than it needed to be and I guessed the killer and let me tell you I am no Sherlock Holmes! ;-p

Over all it was a good solid read and part of a series that I have every interest of continuing with.

Paint and Butterflies rating – butterflies  butterflies  butterflies  out of 5 Butterflies paint

In the Woods by Tana French Review

I’m not normally a fan of the crime genre normally I find it a bit samey the detective is normally emotionally scarred in someway and is completely or at least partially incapable of any kind of relationships and sits, alone in his (never hers) dingy flat solving unsolvable murders brilliantly. (YAWN!)

Sherlock Gun animated GIF

In the Woods veered away from some of these stereotypes although the Detective Rob Ryan was emotionally scarred (and was obviously a man) He had good reason for his emotional dilapidation and it was the under current for most of this debut novels plot. I would say more but… SPOILERS!

Spoilers River Song animated GIF


When Rob Ryan (previously Adam Ryan) was a twelve year old boy his two best friends disappeared in the woods near their homes in Dublin never to be seen again. He was found, his shoes filled with blood and his nails clinging to a tree in the woods with no memory of what had happened to his friends. Now a detective he is called back to the small town  where it all happened where a young child has turned up dead at a archaeological dig. Rob is terrified that the past will come back to haunt him and force him to go and look back to a past that he had done his best to leave behind him.


In the Woods is a great novel especially considering it’s a debut, it is a deep and carefully considered book about friendship and about those that we must leave behind even when we wish we didn’t have too. What made this novel for me was the friendship between Rob and his police partner Cassie a believable platonic friendship with tragedy in its wake.

This is the first in a series but can be read just as well as a stand alone the next book is called The Likeness.

4/5 Stars!