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Testament Of Youth – Film Review

Testament Of Youth is the story of Vera Brittan, adapted from her war memoir of the same name; many claim Vera’s book  to be the best documentation of the First World War that has ever been written. Testament of Youth is the horrors of the First World War told from a woman’s perspective and the terrible reality of being the one left behind.

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The film follows Vera (Alicia Vikander) who is desperate to go to Oxford University with her brother Edward and their friends Victor Richardson and Roland Leighton. Edward begs his father to allow Vera to take the interviews and exams and after much negotiating he agrees, she is accepted. Ecstatic to be able to study at such a prestigious institution alongside her friends she makes plans for her future and intends to pursue her dream of becoming a writer.

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It is during her last summer before starting Oxford that Vera begins a romance with Roland ( Kit Harrington) they have everything in common their love of literature and a shared respect for women’s rights, but then the war happens. Roland, enlists followed by her beloved brother Edward (Taron Egerton) and soon after Vera’s best friend Victor (Colin Morgan) is drafted and she is all alone and she knows he can no longer study at Oxford she must do something. She cannot stay buried in books when her boys are fighting for their lives.

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A beautiful story of the lost generation Vera’s life from the moment the war started was immersed in tragedy. If you don’t know what happened to Vera and the boys I won’t spoil it for you but this film really showed the horrors of the First World War. Not in a gruesome way that we often see in Hollywood films but in passionate heart felt way, what it must have felt like to be female to have loved ones in mortal peril and have very little you could do about it.

This story is tragic, poignant and I hope Vera, Roland, Edward and Victor are never forgotten,

5/5 Stars

Me Before You – Movie Up Date

Anyone who follows my blog knows that I love the book Me Before by JoJo Moyes and as promised here are some updates ( in picture form ) from the up coming film. To check out my original review just click here – https://goo.gl/EIF577

New picture of Lou and Patrick

New picture of Lou and Patrick

me before you 1

Any Home and Away fans may spot Brax pushing Will’s luggage here as Nathan. Great casting choice for the trio and it will be really interesting to see how the film develops.

me before you 2

Will and Lou at their adorable best.

Will and Lou at their adorable best.

me before you

me before you 5

The first look at Lou wearing the notorious yellow tights and clutching Will’s letter (my heart just broke a little.) For more Me Before You up dates keep checking back and I will do my best to keep you updated. The sequel After You  is due to be released in September 24th, can’t wait.

A Promise (2013) Review

So what happens when Severus Snape and Robb Stark are in love with the same woman?

Chaos guys. Just chaos.

Based on the post humerus novella by Stefan Zweig A Promise directed by  Patrice Leconte is set in 1912 and beyond. When a young  engineering  graduate Friedrich Zeitz (Richard Madden) comes to work for an aging tygoon  Karl Hoffmeister (Alan Rickman) he learns of his employers deteriorating health and is soon, having earned the affections and respect of Hoffmeister helping him run the company as he becomes more and more bedridden.

A promise

The problems start when Madden meets Lot (Rebecca Hall)  Hoffmeister’s much younger and beautiful wife and an attraction begins to grow between the two. Lot is a devoted wife and unwilling to betray her ailing husband until, she finds out that Madden is being sent by Hoffmeister to Mexico for two years.

Finally the two declare there feelings for each other and make a vow to love each other, write to one another and be together when their two year separation is over.

A promise 2

Of course their separation was to be for longer than two years, with the out break of war imminent it would be six years before the lovers saw each other again and with years, continents and war to separate them a lot will change.

I have not read the book and believe me I plan on it because the films premise was… interesting.

This was a indie film so by no means am I going to compare it to any of it’s big budget contemporary’s I liked the story and with out getting all spoiler-y (big twist cough cough) is just I thought the whole thing was a little rushed.

With in eight minutes of the film  the main character had, arrived at his new job, met his boss, had dinner with him, been promoted and fallen for Lot and the film continues in this fashion.

Over all I would A Promise is a good film, it has sparked my interested and made me want to read the novella Journey into the Past and above all it was nice to see Professor Snape and the King in the North alive and well.