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Hi guys,

my name is Chloe,

About the blog

This blog is about books and just general book lovin’, I will be reviewing chatting about what I’m reading just displaying my general bookish thoughts sometimes I even take part in Tags. I love hearing from other bookish people so feel free to say hi 🙂

About me

I’m a recent graduate and I guess I’m fumbling my way through ‘careerdom’, my big dream is to be a writer, my writing tends to lean towards the fantasy genre, my reading is much more eclectic, I will read most things my mood dictates what I read a lot of the time.

If you want to find more of my writing you can find me on Watt Pad-  here   Yuppee magazine- here and in Kettle Magazine- here come check me out! 🙂

Review Policy and Contact Info – 

  • I review books on a case by case basis
  • I prefer a physical copy but also except ebook format
  • I rarely read non-fiction
  • I participate in blog tours and other activities of that nature.

Twitter @chloemckayyy

Goodreads Chloe McKay

Email chloemckay11@gmail.com

Tumblr Paint and Butterflies Books

Facebook Paint and Butterflies Books Facebook Page

If you want me to review your book or would like to discuss anything of that nature please get in touch.

28 thoughts on “About

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  3. thatssojacob

    Hey there Chloe! Just clicking around the blogosphere and commenting on blogs that I think are fun and interesting, and you’re one of them. October is my birthday month, so consider this an invitation to my month-long birthday party. Hope to see you over at That’s So Jacob sometime!

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