Let’s Talk About Reading Snobbery and Why All books are Okay!

So, I’m currently reading a book that I am really, really loving (That’s Voyager by Diana Gabaldon just so you know) but it got me thinking we love the books we love.

The books that make us stay up till the early hours till our eyes feel try and can’t stay open for another moment, the books we think about when we’re away from them, desperate to be back in that world, with those characters, those are the special books.

voyager jamie and claire

But it got me thinking, reading is personal, and our favourite books they can become part of us and influence us and in some cases stay with us always. What matters to you or me may not matter to the next person. For example, I like the Harry Potter books, I enjoy them I am a fan but they did not affect me in the way they did others of my generation and those who came after me.


I didn’t read the books until I was an adult and there fore some of that magic was lost but not all of it, because some magic  can only touch a child and that’s why some of our childhood favourites can become so important to  adults. (But in case you were wondering I’m a Hufflepuff). I did read the Twilight books and did love them but didn’t suffer from Twilight fever (Thankfully) but why thankfully?

sedrick digory

Why? Because our peers have a terrible habit of making us feel bad about liking what we love. For a lot of people, The Harry Potter or Twilight books were responsible for creating life-long readers and it begs the question does it matter what you read? Well NO! Of course not, reading is reading,

Well NO! Of course not, reading is reading, whether you’re reading Goosebumps, Tracey Beaker, Harry Potter, Twilight, Chick lit (I hate this term but  I feel that is a whole other post, Historical Fiction, only Young Adult or books like Fifty Shades! Who cares you’re a reader, and one book leads to another and another and another. Stick to your favourite genre or don’t explore the classics, or don’t (Pride and Prejudice is a great first classic if you’re looking  for recs) but

Stick to your favourite genre or don’t, explore the classics, or don’t (Pride and Prejudice is a great first classic if you’re looking  for recs) but whatever you do whatever you read, who cares what other people say right?

50 shades.jpg

I remember to trying to explain The Mortal Instruments:City of Bones book to my friends back when it wasn’t a thing and most of my close friends are not fantasy lovers, so it was like banging my head up against a brick wall. In fact I seem to have a lot of people in my life who like reading non-fiction, not fiction which is cool because it works for them.

city of bones

But Fantasy from Epic or High, or Paranormal whatever is just as valid is any other genre, all books have been crafted and loved and come from an author’s desire to write and a readers desire to read them.

I guess what I am trying to say is no book is bad and neither are readers, we are all different and should never be made to feel bad for reading what we love – Whatever that maybe.

I hope you enjoyed my Let’s talk about… see you next time and happy reading!

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Reading Snobbery and Why All books are Okay!

  1. Eve Messenger

    Well put! Everyone should be free to like the books and genres that make them happy, absolutely. I’ve noticed that tendency you mentioned, in which peers roll their eyes if someone gets super enthusiastic about a book, genre, movie, etc. What is that? Cynicism? Trying to be cool? Sorry but I have to disagree with one thing you said. There are genuinely bad books in the world.

  2. Chloe McKay Post author

    I don’t know some people I just like that I guess 😦 I do agree with you that there are bad books out there I give books 1 star ratings all the time but if other people like those books that’s okay by me.

  3. alilovesbooks

    I read pretty much everything and anything and my favourite books came from a lot of different genres including YA, horror, chick lit (I actually don’t mind that term), erotic and M/M.

    I’ve reached the don’t care stage now but it drives me crazy how it seems to be acceptable to read and talk about crime books and thrillers but not really anything else. You should have seen the looks I got when I arrived at the office with A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness or admitted I was currently reading Him, an M/M romance by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy. Both of which are fantastic.

    What I also find weird is how if a book achieves mass market it’s suddenly considered acceptable. It’s kind of ok now to admit to having read Fifty Shades and Harry Potter but don’t mention Carry On by Rainbow Rowell or Bared to You.

  4. maggiederrick

    I’m of the same mind; as long as a person is reading, who cares what it is? Furthermore, it’s nobody’s responsibility to police what other people can or can’t enjoy. If it makes a person happy and it’s not hurting anyone, then it’s nobody’s business but their own.


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