Wattpad from the POV of someone who has recently joined the site

As a trained journalist, budding blogger and constant writer of fiction (that’s home is my laptop) I thought it was about time I did something with my writing.

I have had a few poems and short stories published but novels are a completely different animal. Initially  there was something quite worrying  or sad about publishing your work online especially as someone who has aspirations of publishing something conventionally at some point in the future it almost felt like letting go of something that I couldn’t get back.


I had heard of Wattpad and have a few friends who use it as readers not as writers and for a while had thought about giving it a go. But as writer  I had the initial feeling of finding it hard to let go of my work, didn’t I have plans (eventually) of trying for the route of traditional publishing?

Why do this? Why throw something I had worked so hard on away?

Because this will not be the only thing I will only thing I will ever write (its not I have another novel in progress) and because and I think this is my most valid reason, my eyes on are not enough (I’m starting to realise I’m not such a great editor).

Yes family and friends are one thing, but the ultimate honesty of Wattpad users, other actual writers has been invaluable to me. From comments and feed back I can see where I’m going wrong and where I am going right something which is impossible to do when editing your own work, so thanks Wattpad!!

this is the best.gif

The downside to Wattpad for me is that it really is heavy on the Fan fiction, Young Adult/Teen Fiction and Romance genres which is great if you are writing in that genre although the pool of work you are competing against is huge.

My novel is a Historical fiction novel, at least that is the category it’s posted under on Wattpad. My story is set in both the present day and the years 1913-1918  so when categorising it for Wattpad it was a toss up between General Fiction and Historical Fiction in the end I went for Historical fiction as the category seemed to fit my story better.

Joining clubs and reading other users stories has been a useful tool because I have realised what you put into Wattpad you get back.
Wattpad has basically been my first set of Beta readers, the first eyes  on my story and so far I have really enjoyed being part of this community who have shown me that as a writer you are always learning and you always have more work to do on anything you write.

I am currently working on The Girl That Fell Out of The Ocean (Previously titled – A Story of Will)


the girl.jpg

What if you had lived before?

For eighteen year old Lavinia Gregory everyday is like waking up from a dream, the older she gets the more she remembers.

She used to be shorter, with long, dark hair, not now, and it is not just the colour of her hair that has changed it is her entire life. 

Over the years the memories of her past life became less vague, less like shadows and colours and more like the thundering horses that always seem to be hammering across her chest. 

Lavinia had a family, a family she sacrificed everything for and now they are gone and she’s here, in a world of ghostly shadows and unfinished memories.

Lavinia must discover why she came back to this world and how she died in the first place. But most importantly what happened to him, Will, the one she loved above all the rest.

Thanks for reading and I hope your’ll come and check out The Girl Who Fell Out of The Ocean. The Girl Who Fell Out of The Ocean

I’ll be back soon with more bookish chat!

Happy reading (and writing) everyone!


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8 thoughts on “Wattpad from the POV of someone who has recently joined the site

  1. Liz

    I’ll seek out your story on Wattpad where I’m morrighansmuse. Have you thought of tagging your story with #Wattys2016?

    1. Chloe McKay Post author

      Thanks, I have thought about it I know the deadline isn’t till august (I think) and I wanted to give it another edit before adding the tag! 🙂 I’ll seek you out too.

  2. Chloë Rose

    Can I give you a little bit of advice on your writing, as a friend/ally who reads your blog? Just from this post, I think that you could use a lot of proof-reading, as I can spot some spelling/typo errors which make it hard to read, and I also think you could use some more commas to break up some very long and confusing sentences. Just a little bit of advice, I know we could all use it 🙂

    1. Chloe McKay Post author

      I wrote this late last night and did not read it over (total rooky error!!!) Anyway thank you for the heads up I have given it a bit of a re-write/proof read and hopefully it looks/reads better for it.:-)

  3. Akaluv

    I used to write on Wattpad. Honestly, what you noticed about the site is Wattpad in a nutshell. It’s more a teen writing site than anything else. If you want feedback, you can try joining a book club, but most of the website is One Direction fanfiction, werewolf and vampire stories, or romance stories. You’ll find some serious writers on Wattpad, but a lot of them are sour about the site. A lot of well-written stories get little to no attention on Wattpad and getting reads takes forever. If you want to get feedback, you should also post only 1-2 chapters of your story a week. By posting it all at once, not many readers will find it. Of course, you can apply to be featured there and then you may get a ton of reads. Wattpad is a serial website, so it’s best to post a story that way. Best wishes =)

  4. Chloe McKay Post author

    Thanks for the advice, I have noticed that there seem to be a lot of teens writing Fan Fiction, Vampire stories ect. Like you said there are quite a lot of serious writers on Wattpad and at the moment I am finding it a useful tool but I am aware it has its limitations. I do post my chapters serialized normally three a week, I’ll finish this story on Wattpad and go from there. Thanks for the advice 🙂

  5. maggiederrick

    It honestly took me a while to warm up to Wattpad (and I’ll admit: I still have days where I’m not its biggest fan). That said, I’m glad that I’m there. The forums have provided some really interesting perspective and it’s nice to have my work published in a space that is meant specifically for readers and writers. I find the challenge of rising above the volume just to get reads can be a bit discouraging, but it’s going to be like that no matter where I publish, so I try not to let it get to me. I’m trying to join my first book club so we’ll see how that goes!

    Like you, I’m treating my time on Wattpad as one giant beta read. I’m trying to take whatever feedback I receive and use it to make my story better for when I’m ready to take it to the next level.

    All in all, it’s a pretty fun place to be. I’m looking forward to checking out your story!

    1. Chloe McKay Post author

      I can see why people have there bad days with Wattpad but I think it’s a good space just to put your writing out there. Feed back is great especially from book clubs cause people really take the time to read your chapters. I’m a member of the Ethereal Book Club but I think it might be closed to new members now. I’ll definitely check your work out on Wattpad 🙂


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