I’m officially on Watt Pad!

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to talk to about writing – I blog (obviously) and for as long as I can remember like so many people I have written stories, and poems but have always been shy about sharing them even with close friends and family.

watt pad

I heard about Watt Pad about a year ago and today finally bit the bullet and joined up I’m only on day 1 but so far it seems like it’s going to be a positive experience, a place where I can get comments, advice, and feedback in a safe like-minded space.

Are any of you on Watt Pad? What are you thoughts? Do you have any advice?

I am going to be talking about my writing journey and I hope you will join me!

Come and find me on Watt Pad and check out my first  (and on going novel) A Story of Will. 

Happy Reading (and Writing) Everyone!


Come Find Me




Watt Pad

4 thoughts on “I’m officially on Watt Pad!

  1. HJaneMay

    Hi! I’ve been on Wattpad for around five or six years now, and of all of the writing websites I have joined, Wattpad is my favorite. Best of luck to you! The first few weeks can be discouraging, since there are so many stories that getting your noticed is hard, but if you stick to it, it’s bound to be popular. 🙂 Also, the surest way to get reads yourself is to read.

    Hope this helps. xx


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