TTT- Ten Characters That Everyone Loves But I Just Don’t Get

Hey Guys, today is Top Ten Tuesday this weeks theme is ten characters that everyone loves but I just don’t get Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

  • Bella – Twilight


Sorry to be obvious but Bella Swan. I mean it is International Women’s Day so we may as well start with a woman who sets women back and makes feminists eyes roll. Don’t get me wrong the first time I read Twilight I loved it and it will always have a special place in my heart but I think we can all agree there are some flaws.

  • America Singer – The Selection

Top 5 Wednesday 8

I can not stand America Singer. I should probably state that I gave up on this series half way through Elite. I found her whole reasoning ridiculous she is the most indecisive character which made her infuriating to read for me. The Selection Review.

  • Jared Lyburn – Unspoken- The Lynburn Legacy #1


Brooding badboy, dark mysterious blah, blah, blah (I should probably say I LOVE this series!!) But Jared is sooo frustrating! You want to be with Kami, you love Kami, then be with Kami there is literally nothing in your way, stop brooding and making things so difficult all the time. Again I love this series, GO.READ.NOW. My Review – Unspoken

  • The Darkling – Shadow and Bone

Shadow and bone Gricha 1

When it comes to our favourite book boyfriends I’m always going to swoon over the good guy rather than the bad boy it’s just the way I am. (Jem over Will every time… all though Will though *fans self*) I know lots of girls and boys are sucked in by The Darkling’s bad boys ways but to me his just a big ol’ villain. Shadow and Bone (Gricha Book 1) Review

  • Gale- The Hunger Games Series

gale the hunger games

I just love Peeta, Gale just never stood a chance. My Hunger Games Review.

  • Gansey – The Raven Boys

raven boys

Gansey has it all, good looks, the charm but I find him just a bit dull the whole book was a bit lost on me actually I DNF’d and I don’t do that a lot.

  • Magnus –Falling Kindoms

jamie lannister

Isn’t Magnus just a bad copy of Jamie Lannister? My Falling Kingdoms Review.

  • Sam –  After You (Sequel to Me Before)

after you

It’s not Sam’s fault, he’s a nice, reliable ordinary chap, but in book 1 I was seduced by Will Traynor and Lou Clarke and their snarky back and forth. Sorry Sam but you just couldn’t compete. After You Review.

  • Ross Poldark (Poldark #1)

The Poldark series is great and it always keeps you on your toes but Ross, the main man of this series is such an infuriating character (in my opinion). He nearly always makes the wrong decisions leading to further heart ache later. I love Ross but what can I say I just don’t get him.

poldark.png 2

  • Savannah – Dear John


Not only can this woman not wait for the apparent love of her life while he’s in the army she marries someone else just cause??

dear john

Hope you enjoyed my Top Ten Tuesday day.

Happy reading everyone!

Great Gatsby

8 thoughts on “TTT- Ten Characters That Everyone Loves But I Just Don’t Get

  1. Bookenstein

    Bless you for that Gansey inclusion! Sometimes, I feel like the only one who hates him… and the only one just rooting for his eternal death.

  2. selinn92

    I don’t love the Darkling either. (I love Nikolai!) And Jem is my love. I have a soft spot for good boys and funny guys. I only read the first Raven Boys book and I loved Adam the most out of all the boys, but I was told my opinion would change, so… who knows.


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