The Hungry Ghost Festival by Jen Campbell :Review

The Hungry Ghost Festival is a poetry collection by The Bookshop Book author Jen Campbell, Jen is also a Book Tuber go check out her channel here.

the hungry ghost festival

The Hungry Ghost Festival talks of Jen’s childhood and young adult life growing up in the North of England, the poetry is personal and reminiscent of a fairy tale. Each poem takes you on a journey, a short story almost with a seemingly clear beginning, middle and end.

I haven’t read a lot of poetry it is something that I’m slowly trying to read more of especially as I enjoying writing it reading more and more seems like a natural progression. Taking into account that my reading of poetry is somewhat limited, I found these poems more like mini stories, by the end of the book which is really short a totally of thirty-two pages but really enjoyed this collection and hope to read more from this author soon.

A Paint and Butterflies rating of 3/5 stars!

go with happiness

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