Top Ten Tuesday – My Book Wishes (If only there really was a Book Genie!)

It’s Tuesday again and you know what that means?! No? Oh well let me fill you in – Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks list features 10 wishes I would ask the Book Genie to grant me, some example include a new book from a certain author, library goals and certain characters you wish would come to life.


Lets do this!

  1. I posted a The Host Review today really enjoyed this read and had such a great time with this book and in this world but if I could wish for one thing it would be that Stephenie Meyer would write the sequels. I know what you’re thinking The Host was published in (2008) so this is probably never going to happen but we are wishing for things here right? And I wish for a sequel! PLEASE?


2. My second wish would be more time- now I know this might seem like a strange one but bare with me. My TBR is huge, and that’s just the books I own, plus all the books I want to read and books are constantly being published. Life is short and my reading list is long. I wish I could live longer because what if I don’t read all the books I want to in my life time. Maybe that’s something I going to have to make peace with.

3. I don’t own a house, but if I did I would ask the Book Genie for something resembling Belle’s library from Beauty and The Beast, a dream library in my dream house. (Sigh)


4. Now for my fourth wish Book Genie it would be just marvellous if you could bring Will Herondale to life. I love the Infernal Devices and all the Shadow Hunter Books and Will being a bookish boy is a bit of a romantic hero. If only we could swoon over him in real life.


5.Unlimited cash supply to spend on books (of only)

6. For my sixth and most important wish – I want to be a professional writer, specifically a novelist. Someone said to me last year that wanting to write novels as a career is like wanting to be an Astronaut… Good Luck. Well, I know it’s a long shot but dreaming big is suppose to be a positive thing right?


7. Now The Mortal Instruments City of Bones movie was a bit of a flop right? But the series is getting a second hope in the shape of Shadowhunters a new t.v show to be shown on ABC Family soon to be Freeform. Now I mentioned I was a Mortal Instruments fan right? Well my wish is that Shadowhunters isn’t rubbish. Please.

the mortal instruments.jpg 2

8. Dear Book Genie please can I have The Chair- you know the one the  comfy reading chair of my dreams.


9. Book Genie can you make it okay to read at work if you could that would be aces.

reading 2

10. Finally Book Genie if you could spread the love of reading through out the world that would be just great!

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – My Book Wishes (If only there really was a Book Genie!)

  1. Samer T.

    Omg, I wish Will Herondale to life too! I was in tears when he died. I loved Will better than Jem to be honest. And I really hope the Shadowhunter tv series is good too!

  2. Nicolette Elzie

    Your #6 made me both happy and sad at the same time. Because (1) you should totally pursue your dream!!!! and (2) that wasn’t a very nice/ incredibly unsupportive thing for that person to say to you. Do it! Be a novelist! 😀

    And bringing Will Herondale to life, I wish I had thought of that one, totally would have added that to my list too. X-)


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