The Host by Stephenie Meyer- Review

the host


The Host is the story of Wanderer (or Wanda as she is later known) she is an Alien, a species known as Souls that have invaded and conquered earth. To survive Souls ‘bind’ with another species essentially taking over their mind and body, but when the Souls come to earth they get more than they bargin for when they encounter Human Beings. Human Beings  are more emotionally developed than some of the other bodies Souls have inhabited and less willing to let go of life and fade away, making the habitation of a human body an emotional and almost traumatising experience for an unsuspecting Soul.


Wanda inhabits the body of Melenie Stryder a young woman who was on the run with her younger brother Jamie and boyfriend Jared when her body was discovered by the ‘Seekers’ a group of Souls tasked with hunting down the last of humanity. When Wanda inhabits Melanie’s body she realises that she is not alone and Melanie is still with her and is not going to make it easy for Wanda to take over.

When Wanda’s seeker comes to her and asks her to access Melanie’s memories Wanda finds that she is resistant, she is sympathetic to Melanie and starts to form attachments to Jamie and Jared. While Wanda is a sweet, shy and quiet Soul Melanie is full of fire and will do anything to protect the ones she loves. When Wanda’s Seeker starts to suspect she inhabits a resistant Host she decides to inhabit Melanie herself. Melanie, frightened that Jamie and Jared’s location will be discovered convinces Wanda to run from the Seeker and her fellow Souls and help her find her family.

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What did I think?

I really loved The Host it is slightly slow to start but once Wanda and Melanie join the other humans the story really blossoms. Watching the humans deal with having a Soul in their camp, the very thing that is ending their species is really interesting, also Melanie’s Uncle Jeb is such a cute character sometimes I think he is so lovely and then I realise in everything he does there is an agenda. Essentially though the Host is a love story between four people and only three bodies, the back and forth between Melanie, Jared, Wanda and Ian is really funny, heart breaking and beautiful.


I wish that Stephanie Meyer would write the long awaited sequel but sadly I don’t think that is going to happen.


Paint and butterflies rating 5/5 Stars.

butterflies butterflies butterfliesbutterflies butterflies paint

15 thoughts on “The Host by Stephenie Meyer- Review

  1. Sahar

    I really liked this book as well–I thought it was a great commentary on how to deal with forces that suck away our humanity with the metaphor of an actual alien. Maybe there is still hope for a sequel… I for one would love to read more of this!

  2. Magini - books

    I admit I wasn’t going to read this book at all since I’ve Twilight and couldn’t stand it and then watched the movie and it was even more, but then someone told me I should give it a try, maybe check out a sample and now it’s on my to-read list already waiting on kindle. I was really surprised by this one and I hope the rest of the book is just as well written as the beginning and from what you’ve written – it is.

    1. Chloe McKay Post author

      I think because Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight it’s really easy to say oh I bet The Host is going to be just as terrible. But they are so different I think it helps that The Host is an adult novel so the writing style is different. I think the best thing to do is to forget this is the author of Twilight and just go into it with an open mind because it’s actually a really fun read. 🙂

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