The Magicians Nephew Review – Chronicles of Narnia Book 1


 This is part of The Problem of Susan Challenge and will contain spoilers for the Chronicles of Narnia.

I decided to read the Chronicles of Narnia chronologically instead od publication order if you want to know why or you want to know more about my The Problem of Susan Challenge click here.

The Magicians Nephew takes place before The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe and follows best friends and next door neighbours Diggory and Polly. Diggory and Polly are playing together when they find their way into Diggory’s uncle’s ‘office’ and unwittingly discover he is a magician. Diggory’s mad uncle sends the children to another world using two magical rings desperate to know where the rings will lead them and far to cowardly to go himself.  At first the children don’t go to Narnia but they do meet a young and just as wicket White Witch.

What did I think?

I read the Lion Witch and the Wardrobe when I was a child and have since heard endless people say how there are many Christian connotations within the stories. As a child it was not something I picked up on perhaps children just read a book for what it is and don’t read to much into what it says. There is a passage in this book where Aslan literally sings Narnia into existence which was a really interesting example and it was really interesting to see for the first time what I had been told many times before.


This book was okay it lacked a lot of the magic of some of the other books The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in particular. The main character Diggory was a horrible spiteful little boy who pulled and pinched his friend Polly who was a sweet girl but a poorly developed female character.  How  Narnia and the talking animals came to be was interesting but I don’t think it warranted a whole book.

Interesting Fact: Anyone who wants to find out how the lamp post got into Narnia should read this book, just saying…

Paint and Butterflies rating 2/5 Butterflies

butterfliesbutterflies paint

Next book –  The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe

5 thoughts on “The Magicians Nephew Review – Chronicles of Narnia Book 1

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  4. General Chaos

    I think a bit of background on Lewis might assist in your endeavor, as woudl a less literal reading. This book is (among many other themes) a reflection on the good an evil in creation and original sin.

    In your quest to understand Susan’s fate, you might wish to consider what it means to be a always be a queen in Narnia if one stops believing in Narnia. It is not Aslan/Narnia that has rejected Susan, but Susan that has rejected them. Given Christian belief on sin and forgiveness, if by chance Susan rediscovered her belief then she woudl be welcome again as a queen of Narnia. Also realize the the other Pevensiies went to “real Narnia”/Heaven after their deaths. Susan is still alive and thus while not in the afterlife at present, may still find herself there is she regains her belief. This is why JKR’s critique is rather silly. It wasn’t sex that caused Susan to be come estranged from Narnia as a punishment, but Susan choosing to put worldly things above her prior beliefs that caused her to move away from truth. JKR’s take is Susan was punished by some external being for being a normal adult woman, whereas a better reading is that Susan withdrew from truth for worldly things and could, at any time, regain what she lost by believing again.


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