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The Problem of Susan- Always a Queen of Narnia?

Spoilers- The Chronicles of Narnia

When I was child I adored The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe I had a paperback copy of the story which had been read and re-read so many times the pages and cover was coming away.


Then for Christmas one year I was given a VHS copy of the BBC adaptation and watched it over and over. There was and still is something magical about Narnia under the reign of the White Witch, a place where it is always Winter never Christmas and the four Pevensie children who happen across Narnia all thanks to a magical wardrobe.


The tale revolved around Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy but for me Susan was my child hood heroine, she was the oldest girl (like me) and shot a bow and arrow which lets be honest is pretty bad ass. But my adventures with the Pevensie children ended after the third book in the seven book series The Voyage of The Dawn Treader. This I thought was to be the children’s last adventure but never the less it was mine. I don’t remember why I never ‘returned’ to Narnia all I know is that with nostalgic love the stories have stayed with me and now in my twenties I still think of them with the same great affection.

Last night The Voyage of The Dawn Treader was on TV and so sparked a conversation that will change my opinion of C.S Lewis, Narnia, Susan and the other Pevensie children forever.

Narnia 2

My friends and I were watching the (2010) film when one of them piped up and said “shame how the book series ended” leaving me gaping wiped eyed desperate for answers. She went on to explain that three of the Pevensie children die in a train crash and upon their deaths return to Narnia. She went on further to explain that Susan does not die and does not return to Narnia, having ‘turned her back on the world and is said to no longer be friend of Narnia’.

I have only read the first three books so I find it hard to form a opinion on what happened to Susan but since last night and the revelation that my childhood heroine was rejected from a world where it was promised she would always be a Queen I have struggled to except her end.

susan 3

When researching Susan briefly last night I found this quote from J.K Rowling regarding her fate-

 “There comes a point where Susan, who was the older girl, is lost to Narnia because she becomes interested in lipstick. She’s become irreligious basically because she found sex. I have a big problem with that.”

After finding comments on Susan from J.K Rowling, Neil Gaiman (check out Neil Gaiman’s short story Here) and numerous other authors I have decided to explore Narnia and The Problem with Susan  more. Reading all seven of the books this time, I have also decided to read them chronologically ending of course with The Last Battle. I am hoping to discover Narnia once more but most importantly discover Susan and find out what happened to her.


I read somewhere last night that this is truly the first time an author  has turned their back on their own character. I don’t know if C.S Lewis turned his back on Susan but I intend to find out. My Susan Challenge begins now!

Top 5 Wednesday – Tropes I hate!

Hey guys!

Yes it’s Wednesday and you know what that means it’s time for another Top 5 Wednesday a weekly post hosted by gingerreadslainey a fabulous Vlogger over on Youtube.. Here are my top 5 I’d love to hear some of yours as well.

  1. Lack of parents/Guardians in YA novels.

Okay so I am mainly looking at you YA! What is wrong with all the parents in YA novels? Hello these books are about teenagers, I’m a twenty something now but when I was sixteen/seventeen I had parents, I had rules. A lot of the time (not all the time) YA books skip over the fact that the main protagonist might have to be home by a certain time or might actually have to tell their parent  who the  creepy dude with sparkly skin is. They were wondering why he was loitering in the drive way. Alot of the time parents in YA get in the way and stop the story moving forward so they are just erased, or become bad parents for the ease of the plot. Just saying.

Main offenders for me – Obviously Twilight.

Top 5 Wednesday 1

I know what you’re going to say, but Bella has parents she’s got Charlie, and that flighty Mum of hers. Charlie though, really? Lets face it he was pretty much useless. His teenage daughter ran off with a vampire, married said vampire and got pregnant. And it all happened since she came and lived her Dad, I’m not rating those parenting skills Charlie boy. All the while the mother (name forgotten )was off with that baseball player. Twilight = parenting minefield.

Other offenders-

The Mortal instruments City of Bones – I love this series but Clary’s mum is unconscious before we even know what a Shadow Hunter is.

Top 5 Wednesday 2

2. Insta Love

Oh god Insta Love. He looked into her eyes and Bam. Oh please. Next!!


Twilight (again sorry)

Top 5 Wednesday 3

Halo (Book 1)


3.Love triangles

Now I’m not completely against a good love triangle if it’s done well then great I’m all for it but what I hate is knowing from the very beginning who this chick/chico is going to choose. Wading my way through a series (just in case) or because an unfinished series is, lets face it the devil. Only to find out that I knew the answer – Chapter 1 Book 1. Don’t waste my time people, I liked to be kept guessing.

Offender- The Selection

Top 5 Wednesday 8

4. Every man who comes in contact with female protagonist falls in love with her/obsessed with her/insanely attracted to her.

Twilight again, is an obvious example and so is the Fifty Shades series but then it  is Twilight fan fiction so whatever. I like to call this the Bella Swan effect. When a girl who thinks she is so plain (Blah Blah) has every man in the story falling for her, it’s boring. Next!

Top 5 Wednesday 6

5.The Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

A perfect example of the manic pixie dream girl is Lux Lisbon from The Virgin Suicides, now I didn’t really like this book but that’s not the point. A MPDG is a normally quirky beautiful girl who only exists to show the male protagonist his way or teach him a valuable lesson.

There I books out there that use a MPDG that I do like because the pixie is a fleshed out character and not just a plot device. (I’m looking at you Perks of Being a Wallflower)

For the most part though women in books who have just been written to teach the male protagonist a lesson not my thing.

Offender – The Virgin Suicides

Top 5 Wednesday 7

Like a Virgin – Review

like a virgin

Like a Virgin is Play by Gordon Steel – The story is about two teens Angela and Maxine and their eternal struggle to become pop stars. With the bumble gum fluff of their daily life comes a dash of hard hitting reality in the shape of Angela’s depressed mother Viv who has never recovered from her husband leaving her.

Viv hasn’t been much of a mother to Angela since Ken left but is forced to face her responsibilities when Angela is diagnosed with Leukemia.

This play is so much fun, Angela and Maxine are such a great representation of what best friends can be and Maxine provides so much self absorbed, teenage,very female humor.

Like a Virgin is a funny, sad, tragic tale about what it means to be a young girl, let down and what it really means lose everything.

Paint and Butterflies rating butterflies  butterflies  butterflies butterflies out of 5 Butterflies paint