Outlander (Crossstitch) by Diana Gabaldon – Review

Outlander (or Crossstitch in the UK) is the first book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, before reading this book I had heard a lot of mixed things about this series “Game of Thrones for romance lovers I heard” some loved it some hated it but I love Game of Thrones and I love me some romance so what’s not like right? Well with an eight book series and a t.v series showing now on Starz (have you seen the leading man? Err hello!) and many, many dedicated fans Diana Gabaldon is doing something right. 


The book follows Claire Randell a nurse in 1945 the war is over and Claire and her husband Frank are taking a second honeymoon, re-acquainting themselves with each other. One day Claire visits some standing stones not unlike Stonehenge with Frank later she revisits the stones to pick some flowers she saw earlier in the day. Putting her hands to the largest stone she is somehow transported through time to 1743 to the Highlands where she meets James ‘Jamie’ Fraser a Scottish outlaw. Captured by the Scottish in a time when it is not a pretty thing to be English Claire must find her way back to the standing stones and somehow find a way home to her own time. 


I liked Outlander but at nearly nine hundred pages it’s a bit of a slog, the story moves very slowly which isn’t really a writing style that I enjoy. The book has been fabulously historically researched and I think this is something you can appreciate whether you know anything about this period in history or not. The characters really all have there own voices and Diana Gabaldon’s writing of dialogue is impressive but I do have some issues with this book.


My main issue with this book is the length of it I love a long book as much as the next girl but I just didn’t really see the need, I remember being about four-hundred pages in and nothing much had happened for about two hundred pages it really was a pacing in issue. But that being said this really was this books only crime, Claire as the books narrator is a great story teller and the books main man Jamie is very easy to fall in love with then out again the in again. (We all love a lovable rogue right?) 


Overall i’ll give Outlander a sexy romping 3/5 and although I won’t be keeping up with the rest of series I’ll definitely be keeping up with all the action on Starz! 

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