A Steam Punk Sensation- Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

A Steam Punk Sensation – Clockwork Angel By Cassandra Clare

 As a huge fan of The Mortal Instruments series when Santa left Clockwork Angel in my stocking this year I couldn’t have been more delighted.

Now, I had been hearing all sorts of things about this Will Herondale (Thank you Goodreads) and as Jace is, well lets just say I love him and I wasn’t sure there was room for other Shadow Hunters in my life.


Will and Jem

If you have not read Clockwork Angel it is a steam punk, fantasy,  YA novel, set in Victorian London – the story follows Tessa Grey who is an American and has just arrived in the country. Upon her arrival she is met by two women who claim to be there as a favor to Tessa’s brother and will take Tessa to her new home as he has been unavoidably detained. This is fact a complicated lie and the truth is slowly reveled throughout the novel. The women known as the dark sisters believe that Tessa is not the ordinary girl she believes herself to be but a Warlock who has a great power and they reveal it is their job to unlock this power as it is currently lying dormant.

I was a little hesitant about this book at first probably because I am such a fan of The Mortal Instruments series. I just couldn’t imagine another story within that world but I was so wrong, Cassandra Clare has written a rich and developed world with engaging characters and I cannot wait to see where this trilogy is going. I have only read Clockwork Angel so far and it seems to me that the love triangle is being set up so that our leading lady Tessa will eventually end up with Will the novels resident bad boy.


Now, bad boys have never really done it for me  I just want to give that Will a slap and tell him to behave himself and stop being so horrible to our lovely Tessa in her hour of need and, just when I’m having a head meets palm moment in swoops Jem, our silver haired night in shining armor.

The book is the ultimate good boy versus bad boy debate, who will Tessa choose and what does the internal devices trilogy have in store for her? In a world when nothing is ever as it seems.

18 thoughts on “A Steam Punk Sensation- Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

    1. Chloe McKay Post author

      I know what you mean. TMI and TID are just so different so I could see why you would like one and not the other. I’ve still got Clock Work Princess to read. I’ve heard it’s really sad so I’ve been putting it off. 😦

      1. TheCelestialEquation

        No, you have to read it! The ending is… it’s the kind of thing that makes life worth living, if that makes sense? There’s no way to see it coming (at least, I didn’t). And honestly, with everything that happens up until that point, it’s about as happy an ending as it could be! xD

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